Wild Boar

Official Action Forms render for Carnivores Ice Age

Wild boar
Status Pointable herbivore
Dangerous? When wounded
Carnivores Ice Age
Carnivores Ice Age Wild boar
Carnivores Ice Age Wild boar call
Length Up to 5.58 meters
Weight Up to 1.6 tons
Health 8
Points 6
Cost 15
Spawns when not hunted? yes

The wild boar (also known as warthog) is the largest omnivore in Europe. It is a pointable animal in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age.

Carnivores Ice Age

In Carnivores Ice Age, the wild boar is the second animal available to hunt. It will attack the hunter if wounded or cornered, then it impales the hunter and shakes him around on its huge tusks. Similar to the case between Gallimimus and Velociraptor, the pig could be mistaken for the wild boar, but unlikely as the animals mentioned before. It is easier to tell them apart at a distance due to the large difference in overall size and skin color. It is also the only modern animal available to hunt, with the unconfirmed yeti as a possibility.


  • Despite its name, the animal seen in-game bears more resemblance to a warthog, Pachochoerus africanus. In fact, in some files the Wild Boar is referred to as a Warthog.
  • The pig and wild boar use recolored versions of the same texture.
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