WizardWorks Software is a american Video Game located in Minneapolis, MN. Focused on casual consumer games sold through mass merchants like Target and Walmart, WizardWorks was best known for publishing the Deer Hunter series of video games developed by Sunstorm Interactive, but also made expansion packs for games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D and developed/published other titles.

In 1996, WizardWorks was acquired by GT Interactive Software, and was eventually combined with other GT Interactive holdings in Minneapolis to form GT Interactive’s Value Products Division. WizardWorks continued as label through a subsequent corporate acquisition by Infogrames which later became Atari.

In 2004, Atari closed its Doors the Minneapolis office, folding outstanding projects After Released Deer Hunter 2005 into the Beverly, MA office.


Game Year Credit
Duke Nukem 1991 publisher
Duke Nukem II 1993 publisher
Skunny 1995 publisher
Duke!ZONE 1996 publisher
Duke!ZONE II 1997 developer/publisher
Duke Xtreme 1997 publisher
Duke Assault 1997 developer/publisher
Duke It Out In D.C. 1997 publisher
Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach 1997 publisher
Duke: Nuclear Winter 1997 publisher
Cryptic Passage for Blood 1997 Publisher
Chasm - The Rift 1997 publisher
Deer Hunter 1997 publisher
X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse 1997 publisher
Carnivores 1998 publisher
Montezuma's Return 1998 publisher
StarCraft: Retribution 1998 publisher
Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 1998 publisher
Emergency: Fighters for Life 1998 publisher
Buckmasters Top Bow Championship 1999 publisher
Emergency Rescue: Firefighters 2000 publisher
Carnivores Ice Age 2001 publisher
Deer Hunter 2005 2004 publisher, Final Game publisher
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