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Yeti as seen in Rexhunter99's C3dit program.

Status Pointable carnivore
Dangerous? Very dangerous. (PC; incorrectly labeled as "Extremely dangerous!")
Extremely dangerous! (mobile)
Carnivores Ice Age
Menu image of Yeti
Locked image of Yeti
Call image for Yeti
Length 3.60–6.30 m (12.00–21.00 ft)
Weight 0.96–2.94 T (1.06–3.24 t)
Health 18
Points 50
Cost 1000
Spawns when not hunted? no
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The Yeti is an ape-like cryptid beast that is said to inhabit the Himalayas. It is a pointable animal in Carnivores Ice Age and Carnivores: Ice Age.


The Yeti is a legendary and elusive beast found in the Arctic Sector that is rarely seen and is one of the most dangerous creatures to hunt due to its sheer size and speed along with sharp claws that tear apart prey and hunters alike. They are omnivores, feeding on herbivores, large or small, and plants. Stark white fur tightly wrapped around powerful muscles provide the beast with more camouflage.

Carnivores Ice Age[]

The Yeti is the final animal to be unlocked in Carnivores Ice Age, kept hidden as the "secret animal" or "Bonus" until the player earns 1000 points. Despite the fact that it is seen as the most dangerous animal in the game, in the original PC version, it is very shy and mindless, and will run away at extreme speeds if the player is detected at a distance. The Yeti kills the hunter by grabbing their legs and repeatedly smashing them against the ground. It is incorrectly given the stats of the Tyrannosaurus on the hunt menu. The Yeti also has a similar AI and same call as the bear. This could indicate it may have been a late addition to the game. The Yeti has white fur and red skin.

The Yeti's idle animations consist of it crouching and scratching its hindquarters then sniffing its fingers afterwords and it beating its chest like an ape and raising it's arms. When wandering around the map, it will use the stereotypical Sasquatch walking pose with it swinging its arms by its side and walking in an almost stealthiest looking movement. When it notices the Hunter, it will run away on all fours using its long arms to move much faster.

In fact, when running, it tends to never let its feet touch the ground and leaves most of the work to its powerful arms and hands. The Yeti's speed is so great that it is able to scale many mountains and other obstructions relatively easily. Like most of the dangerous animals in Carnivores Ice Age, the Yeti doesn't like going into the water but may occasionally pursue the player in the water if close enough.

Carnivores: Ice Age (mobile)[]

The Yeti is much more aggressive in the iOS version, running towards you at the sound of a gun shot, even at long distances, making more of the them in an area a threat. In fact, this makes it the only animal that is truly "Extremely dangerous!" as the bear and the mobile version of the Smilodon are not so much so, and the second-most aggressive animal in the mobile ports, only behind the Tyranosaurus. As of update 1.8.0, the Yeti's calls are now more apelike instead of it using the bear's calls.


  • As of yet, The Yeti is still the only cryptid to be huntable in the Carnivores series.
  • For some reason, the Yeti's call menu icon and filename say "bigfoot" instead of "Yeti".
  • In the mobile port, the Yeti's name on the menu is "The Yeti" as opposed to just "Yeti".
  • The Yeti's animation numbers match up 100% perfectly with those of Ceratosaurus, allowing it to be ported to Carnivores 2 without altering animation numbers. When switched the killing of the hunter animations are still mixed though.
  • For some reason, the creators gave it the three-toed, bird-like feet of a theropod dinosaur as opposed to the four-to-six-toed animal described in most reports.
    • This is another feature linking it to the Ceratosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex that it has similar AI and stats to. However, the Yeti's status of being on an alien planet might explain the difference from its Earth counterpart, if such a creature exists.
  • The Yeti slightly resembles Gigantopithecus.